statue of a small man playing a large stringed instrument

Chamber Music of Chopin with 1848 Pleyel
Brent Wissick, Richard Luby, and Andrew Willis
Albany Troy 1429

two portraits of small trees side by side

including the three Flute Quartets and two fortepiano solos
Albany Troy 1490-91

abstract colored lines in a row

Andrew Willis
Music by Amlin, Fine, and Copland
Albany Troy 674

portrait drawing of a man looking sideways

With Andrew Willis
Claves CD 50-9707/10

keyboard instrument from above

Andrew Willis
A Sampler of 18th Century Keyboard Music
Played on a replica of a 1735 Florentine Piano
Private Recording

woman smiling

Julianne Baird and Andrew Willis
Vox 7542

woman smiling

Julianne Baird and Andrew Willis
Newport Classic NPD 85614

landscape of canals and buildings

Julianne Baird Andrew Willis
Troy 530

profile of a woman leaning on furniture

Georgine Resick and Andrew Willis
Bridge 9168 A/B

large clock on a building

Sue Ann Kahn and Andrew Willis
Troy 145

album cover with photos of people

Sue Ann Kahn and Andrew Willis
SCI CD No. 2

album cover in style of a painting with flowers and people

Kelly Burke and Andrew Willis
Centaur CRC 2562

album cover with abstract rendering of two musicians

With Andrew Willis, Kelly Burke, Scott Rawls, and Carla Lefevre
Centaur CRC 2869


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